I'm Bre - an adventurer, creative entrepreneur and spiritual badass. A dog mom and conservationist. A mentor and lifelong student.

I live for the outdoors, nature, exploring the world, and being surrounded by a high-vibe community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Rockin' that sober glow and ever-changing hair colors. I'm an alchemist, intuitive empath, extroverted introvert and a less-than-mediocre beach volleyball player (but I have a GREAT time).

I'm so glad you asked.

Who am i?

laid back

My Approach

A detailed roadmap, content structure, sales funnel strategy, and promotion timeline to successfully launch and sell your digital offerings. This includes lead generation strategies well before your launch date to attract your ideal audience, nurture them to build trust, and generate interest in your offering before the launch. Aside from digital content strategy, I can also provide project management support and/or training to streamline your company's organization and communication around projects. And lastly, I offer lifestyle photography sessions around the Greater Los Angeles area for high-quality, fun, adventurous, and romantic brand photos.

What I can offer you:

I have a Master's degree in Communication Leadership in Digital Media from one of the top universities in the nation, followed by 10+ years of successfully planning, managing, and executing high-level content strategies, lead generation campaigns, and digital product launches for startups, lifestyle brands, and creative entrepreneurs. And now I'm sharing all of my accumulated knowledge, skills, tools, and proven strategies from over the years with YOU.

10+ Years Leading Content and Launch Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Time to Shine,

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